About 5LINKS

5LINKS bicycles were invented, designed and engineered in Japan. Development of the bicycle commenced in 2008 by a dedicated and visionary team. The objective of 5LINKS is to create smaller and lighter folding bicycles coupled with the global necessity to reduce CO2 emissions and to promote a healthier lifestyle. Thus, 5LINKS Co. in Japan remains committed to building bicycles that are compact, safe, convenient and easily carried between the different modes of transportation, making city commuting more efficient and effective. The name 5LINKS stems from its bicycles being the ultimate link in getting from one destination to another, i.e. by Air, Rail, Road, Sea and Foot. It is also 5LINKS’ ambition that this urban tool be experienced, enjoyed and benefits its users through all 5 continents – Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and Africa.

 Unique Folding Design

5LINKS is Japan’s first folding bicycle with unibody main frame. It comes with unique folding mechanisms that provide greater security. Cyclists will have a better riding experience due to the light weight yet firm main frame. 5LINKS folding bicycles come with a slidable handle post. Once it is released from the hinge, the entire handle post slides down as a single piece. The handle post is not foldable for safety reasons and this immediately brings the front wheel adjacent to the rear wheel in a quick second. Once folded, 5LINKS bicycles remain upright, standing on both its wheels with a kickstand. The unique 5LINKS design is patented and its models are well recognized for their ergonomics.

Sliding Compact

Exercising and commuting with 5LINKS bicycles are now made easy due to its compact safety features. Have fun and enjoy the 5LINKS bicycles!

How to Fold

How to Set Up 

Push and Walk 

Pull and Walk